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    Minions Intelligent Tech Escaping Cat & Dog Toy

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    Product description

    This is a sensitive pet dodgeball toy, which can automatically sense the approaching objects to avoid evasion and attract pets' attention. Irregular movements, baby sounds and flashing LED lights make it easier to attract pets' attention, attract pets' interest in chasing and playing, and make your pets more charming.

    This pet toy is suitable for kittens, puppies and children under three years old, and can accompany them to play together.

    This pet toy ball is made of plastic. The appearance is a cute hemispherical shape with bright colors. Interesting and beautiful. This is your best choice.

    Sleep mode makes the toy more energy efficient. When the pet is no longer chasing the toy, the toy will automatically switch to sleep mode to save power, so there is no need to worry about the toy running out soon.

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    Minions Intelligent Tech Escaping Cat & Dog Toy