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    Handsfree Reflective Traction Leash

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    The traction leash is made of high-quality nylon, with a stainless steel lock, it can withstand repeated use for many years, even the most energetic dogs. Its zero shock technology can withstand a strong pulling force and absorb the tension without the need for you to try to pull the dog back and get put in the risk of injury. The length of the leash can provide enough space for your dog to run around you comfortably while you still have full control due to the padded ergonomically designed handles on the bungee leash and adjustable waist wearing belt. The waist belt allows your to be hands free without the need to worry. The strong bungee like cords could extend up to 82 inches to suit all sizes of dogs and will effectively absorb up to 150 lbs of force. We've designed the traction leash to reflect live with the luminous reflective stitching to increase visibility and keep you and your dog safe.

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    Handsfree Reflective Traction Leash